Click here for Sep 2, 2004 update #2

Here is where you can read updates on the condition and treatment of Blake.
Some of the descriptions are graphic so PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.
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Click here for Sep 2, 2004 update #2

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Got the CT Scan back. White pockets found in lungs, not sure if Pneumonia or what. Dr's cannot understand why it would be Pneumonia because the antibiotics he has been on should have taken care of any infection he could have had. He will be sedated more and then they biopsy the tissue in his lungs. That is something they'll do it in the room.

Also, Dermatology was called in for the discoloration on his skin (Fungal? rash? whatever?) Doctors are all baffled as to what is causing the skin problem. Now they think he has several different rashes on skin and they are taking biopsy of his skin this afternoon...

Good thing is, he should remember almost nothing of this entire ordeal while in Intensive Care.

That's about it for now...
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