Click here for Dec 21, 2004 update

Here is where you can read updates on the condition and treatment of Blake.
Some of the descriptions are graphic so PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.
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Click here for Dec 21, 2004 update

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The doctors have cleared Blake to come home tomorrow for Christmas. He will be returning to the hospital sometime next week to see what course of treatment they will be taking.

We will be enjoying Christmas and updating later...

Once again we ask you, please register (click on "register" link on the left and fill out the form). By registering, we will have your e-mail address and we can will send you a message as soon as the next update is made, so you don't have to keep checking back every day. But then again, we would love it if you did check back every day, but we understand how hard it is to do so.
We would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Blake Wayland Leukemia Fund through this website, and those who participated in the sanctioned fundraisers
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