Click here for Dec 14, 2004 update

Here is where you can read updates on the condition and treatment of Blake.
Some of the descriptions are graphic so PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.
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Click here for Dec 14, 2004 update

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Blake is doing better, and he got moved back into a room on the floor last night. He got a fever last night and threw up, hasn't been able to eat a thing, but is in good spirits.

His counts are getting better, and they are hoping he can start to eat so he can get his strength back before transplant.

We would like to once again thank every one that has sent their love and prayers. It is so very appreciated, and Tammy and I will forever be grateful to you for it.

More to come when there's more to come!
We would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Blake Wayland Leukemia Fund through this website, and those who participated in the sanctioned fundraisers
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